Vizio – Écran cinéma maison SmartCast 4K Ultra HD 70 po M70-D3 - Club Electronic

Vizio – Écran cinéma maison SmartCast 4K Ultra HD 70 po M70-D3


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Maximum Resolution  
The highest resolution signal a screen can process and display. Higher resolution signals produce more detailed images.
3840 x 2160 (4K)
TV Tuner  
The ATSC TV Tuner is a component built into conventional TV sets or other devices for receiving over?the?air broadcast TV without a cable/satellite box.
Not included
Screen Size
69.5 inches
Display Type
High Dynamic Range (HDR)  
High Dynamic Range gives you a wider and richer range of colors, with brighter whites, and deeper, darker blacks. It also increases the range of your contrast, as HDR preserves details in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture (details that are usually lost in Standard Dynamic Range TVs).
Refresh Rate  
The number of frames per second the device can produce.
Smart Capable  
Device is able to run apps installed on the device when connected to the internet or data network. The apps can either be pre-installed or can be downloaded by a user onto the device.
Number Of HDMI Inputs

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